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Choosing to undergo plastic surgery is a major decision—and you want a doctor you can trust. If you’re looking for a skilled plastic surgeon in the Tracy, CA, area, Dr. Thomas McNemar is a top local choice. Dr. McNemar is known for giving outstanding care and attention to each patient who enters his practice. His years of experience and commitment to excellence create beautiful, natural-looking results.

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Very honest and diligent with the surgery he shows empathy and is realistic about patient expectations.

I Had a Panniculectomy, which is a CHEAP version of a Tummy Tuck to Remove the FLAP after having 5 Children. Was Excited and Recovered Nicely, Then a Year went by, I had Noticed that my Girl Part was WAY TOO HIGH up towards my Belky Button, so I constantly have to Shave it. And I have NO Belly Button!! I did tell him that I didn't want Puppy Dog Ears, And he Did Listen to me on that!

Business Owner replied on Nov 9, 2023:

When consulting with patients, we aim to understand their goals and resources and design a plan of care that best meets their needs. As a point of education, we aim to inform patients of the differences between a panniculectomy and an abdominoplasty. A panniculectomy is a medical procedure covered by insurance for the removal of an excessive amount of skin due to extreme weight loss. The excessive amount of skin after such weight loss causes rashes, fungal infections, bad odor, and limits physical activity causing further health issues. Panniculectomy is a medical procedure covered by insurance and, by its nature is a medical, not a cosmetic, procedure. By contrast, abdominoplasty is primarily cosmetic and so is not covered by most insurance carriers. This is why they do have two different names for these two different procedures. The panniculectomy paid by insurance, does not cover the cosmetic techniques such as the belly button being reconstructed and relocated, amongst other cosmetic techniques that are performed in the Abdominoplasty procedure. Any patient interested in improving their results with an elective cosmetic surgery is encouraged to contact our office for a consult.

Great results

Very pleased fast recovery

Results are better than I could have imagined, Dr. McNemar has been amazing throughout the entire process from consult to post surgery. The staff was very friendly always available to answer any off my questions.

Very happy with my results.

Very happy with the results, wonderful doctor takes time to discuss everything with you. Great staff

Breast reduction and tummy tuck were great Dr was great.

Dr. McNemar is a life changer he makes you feel like family, so supportive and comfortable to be around. The staff has been there for all of my questions I cant thank you all enough.

I had a wonderful experience from first consultation to surgery. I am beyond happy with my results. Dr. McNemar did an amazing job and would highly recomend family and friends. Staff is very friendly too.

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