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Mature woman with beautiful skin (model) holds a hand up to her face, looking satisfied.

Facelift vs. Mini Facelift: Choosing the Best Procedure for Your Needs

The trouble with youth is that it's fleeting, but modern facial rejuvenation surgeries such as facelifts and mini facelifts offer a means of managing the aging process gracefully. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, I provide procedures that respect the natural progression of time while offering a refreshed, youthful look. In this post, I'll explore the …

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Woman with a bright and youthful-looking face (model) stands in the kitchen smiling and looking upwards.

What Is the Best Age for Facelift Surgery?

Many patients may be surprised to hear that the best age for a facelift isn’t really a number at all! Everyone ages at different rates, and how time and gravity take their toll will vary between individuals. In this blog post, I will explain what factors to consider before undergoing facelift surgery, how long you …

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woman (model) smiling with hand under her chin in the kitchen

What Is the Difference Between a Facelift and a Non Surgical Facelift?

Deciding between a surgical or non-surgical facelift to improve signs of aging depends on your facial rejuvenation goals. Both surgical and non-surgical facelift options have their benefits and disadvantages. For example, a non-surgical facelift option using dermal fillers can quickly rejuvenate your face, but you will need touch-up sessions to maintain your results. In contrast, …

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Male model for a male facelift

4 Surprising Facts About the Male Facelift

When it comes to plastic surgery, women aren't the only ones interested. As cosmetic procedures become increasingly mainstream, more and more men are discovering the benefits of aesthetic procedures. Plastic surgery offices across the nation have seen an uptick in male patients looking to turn back the clock and appear more youthful. This is especially …

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Woman showing off the results possible after a facelift

What Procedures Can Be Combined With a Facelift?

It's common for people to think that a facelift rejuvenates the entire face, but that's a misconception because a facelift focuses on the bottom two-thirds of the face. I often recommend combining procedures to produce more comprehensive results. Combining facial rejuvenation procedures is similar to the cliché about embarking on home improvement projects. Upgrading the …

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