4 Surprising Facts About the Male Facelift

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Male model for a male facelift

When it comes to plastic surgery, women aren’t the only ones interested. As cosmetic procedures become increasingly mainstream, more and more men are discovering the benefits of aesthetic procedures. Plastic surgery offices across the nation have seen an uptick in male patients looking to turn back the clock and appear more youthful.

This is especially the case when it comes to the male facelift. Men from San Ramon and beyond come to us hoping to rejuvenate their faces and feel more confident, successful, and attractive. However, there are a few key differences doctors must keep in mind when operating on masculine features.

#1: Bearded skin requires a careful approach.

Facelift surgery typically involves incisions that extend around the ears and to the nape of the neck. Beards can complicate facelift incision design to avoid shifting hair follicles and disrupting beard growth patterns. Many female facelifts use an incision that goes into the ear behind the tragus (the tab of cartilage that obscures the ear canal). For male facelifts, the incision may instead be made directly in front of the tragus to keep beard distribution looking natural.

#2: Men are more prone to facial bleeding.

Hair follicles require a healthy blood supply in order to thrive. Because men have more hair follicles on the face than women, they may be more prone to bleeding during surgery. This creates a slightly higher risk for hematoma—blood pooling under the skin post-op. Most minor hematomas can be drained with a needle, but more severe hematomas may require a second procedure to address.

#3: Men’s skin ages differently.

The presence of more hair follicles also often means that male skin is thicker and oilier. On the one hand, oils can slow the creation of fine lines and wrinkles, allowing men to look younger for longer. However, neck skin and jawlines can still be susceptible to signs of aging, such as sagging. Many men come into our office hoping to directly target the chin area and create a more sculpted, defined jawline to restore masculine definition.

#4: The neck is just as important as the face.

Just as the jawline can be the unsung hero of a facelift, the neck area is equally important. While women may need more lifting in the midface region, most men can benefit from removing excess skin and fat from the neck. When the face and neck are both addressed during surgery, the overall results are much more transformative, as you can see in my facelift before-and-after photos. Your new look appears more natural when your entire profile is slimmed and tightened, helping you feel masculine and confident at every angle.

When it comes to male facelift surgery, we’re focused on tailoring the procedure to best meet each patient’s needs. If you’d like to discuss your facial aging concerns and rejuvenation goals with an experienced plastic surgeon near San Ramon, please request a consultation or call us at (209) 834-0626 to schedule an appointment.

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