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We have a special section for you, our bariatric plastic surgery patients from the Tracy, Pleasanton, Livermore, San Ramon, and San Francisco Bay areas. Your needs are special and they must be treated differently from non-bariatric body contouring procedures. With gastric bypass surgery, you have lost a significant amount of weight and your body size may be just as you’ve dreamed.

Losing immense weight certainly shows that you have shed pounds, but you do face a secondary problem—excessive amounts of hanging skin. That includes all areas on the body, breasts, and face. It stands to reason that the elastic qualities of the skin cannot compensate quickly enough when an enormous amount of weight is lost over such a short period of time (usually 12 to 18 months). Even if the weight loss were over a longer period of time, the skin may not shrink back and be taut to fit your new body size.

Dr. Thomas McNemar

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Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. McNemar is dedicated to your complete care.

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By implementing the most up-to-date body sculpting techniques, individualized case by case for your needs, Dr. McNemar can skillfully contour your body shape into a better-looking you! Request a consultation online at Dr. McNemar’s Tracy location and receive a complimentary excerpt from Dr. McNemar’s new book, Breast Augmentation & Body Contouring.

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Dr. Thomas McNemar can help you finish your weight-loss journey using post-bariatric procedures that will tighten and tone excess skin. Learn more about these specialty procedures that studies show will help you maintain a healthy weight on our specialty website.

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Bariatric Body

You’ve taken extreme measures to lose weight, why not fully complement your efforts and your sacrifice with bariatric cosmetic surgery? Dr. McNemar offers post-bariatric procedures like liposuction, arm lift, and tummy tuck.

Bariatric Plastic Surgery: A Guide to Cosmetic Surgery After Weight Loss

Your Complete Body Contouring Resource

Dr. McNemar’s informative guidebook can help you complete your journey to physical and emotional well-being after significant weight loss.

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Bariatric Breast

Mastopexy is a procedure to lift the breasts and may be performed with or without breast augmentation to improve shape, fullness and cleavage.

Bariatric Face

Facial lifting, forehead lifting and eyelid surgery, along with neck contouring and neck definition, may be necessary to achieve complete facial rejuvenation.

Dr. McNemar is a post bariatric plastic surgery specialist who enjoys taking a personal approach to your care. His specialty website on post weight loss surgery provides detailed information on procedure options and can give you a better sense of the types of results he has been able to achieve for people just like you.

No matter what plastic surgery you’re considering, you deserve to have your procedures performed by a plastic surgeon who can provide you with a natural, individual result. Request a consultation today and receive a complimentary excerpt from Dr. McNemar’s new book. Or, call our Tracy office at (209) 834-0626 to make your appointment.

A Reputation Built on Results

I moved to Montana 10 years ago he did my breast implants before I left… He is the best doctor ever!...
Excellent care and staff thank you for everything.
I give Dr. McNemar a 10 I was extremely comfortable from the very first visit to the surgery day. Dr....
Dr. McNemar is great he has a caring attitude and made sure he took care of my health first.
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