Dr. Thomas McNemar believes in the delicate balance between medical science and art in his cosmetic and reconstructive surgery practice. His professional ethics value every patient as being unique with individual needs and desires. People looking for a plastic surgeon serving Modesto and the surrounding East Bay area can learn more about Dr. McNemar by reviewing just a few of the testimonials from his many satisfied patients.

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Patient Reviews for Dr. Thomas B. McNemar

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I went in for just a tummy tuck consultation i didnt know what to expect and i walked in super nervous. The doctor and his nurses made me feel super comfortable. And instead of the doctor just giving me a quote and sending me on my way. I feel he really took his time and answered all my questions and even gave me extended resources so that i can achieve the results i want. He seemed like he really cared about me and my journey. I cant wait to go back in 6 month

Mayra Posadas


Outcomes fabulous! Can’t say enough about the beautiful work the doctor does.

Sarah Moon


I lost 400 lbs and needed first and foremost a pnniculectomy. My first appointment, the entire staff made me feel at ease. I was given a book about the different procedures available that I took home and read. It provided me with the answers to my questions before I even had any. Once I had my procedure, the Dr and staff have been available by phone and a walk-in to ease a concern I had. They have been nothing but supportive, friendly, caring and excellent with their upbeat, positive attitudes. I look forward receiving continued care and procedures with them!

Keithlynn L


Dr. McNemar and office staff are and have been wonderful. I came in with pain and (attitude) they were very patient. My procedure went very well. Dr.’s bedside mannerisms wonderful. I am very happy with their office. Best being a 10+. Thank you to all!

Cynthia M


The last thing I remember before I fell asleep was doctor holding my hand and that was so comforting because I was so scared and before I had the opportunity to meet the girls in the office and they all were so great to me nice sweet and very respectful, I was never really happy with my first breast augmentation in August of 2002 but now I am so happy with my results. I feel normal again that is the best way I can explain it. I am so happy! I have modeled my whole life and always covered my breast but now at 44 I feel comfortable and not so camera shy of my breast any longer.

Tess W


Dr. McNemar made me feel very comfortable and explained in great details the procedures I would be having. He never pushed a procedure that I did not ask for. I had a mommy makeover, tummy tuck, breast lift w/saline mod + profile with liposuction to the axillary (sideboob) area and inner thighs. Everything turned out great! My follow up care was phenomenal! At 8 months post- op I decided to exchange my implants to a larger size and I added vertical tummy tuck incision to remove more skin. We decided to wait to see if I would be happy w/out the extra scar but I wanted it done. He gave me a very large discount on both revisions. Dr. McNemar is so great. I am referring my daughter for a breast reduction! Sometimes the waiting in the office for your appt. can take a while but he is very worth it!

Payton Friedman


Following a second diagnosi of breast cancer some seven years after the first diagnosis, I opted to have a double mastectomy with reconstructioin. Dr. McNemar explained the reconstruction process to me in detail and spent all the time with me I needed. He had my full trust and confidence and saw me safely through all the necessary surgeries required to achieve the outcome I wanted. Dr . McNemar was very kind and supportive and more importantly he is an expert in his field. I highly recommend Dr. McNemar and his staff to anyone seeking the services of an excellent plastic surgeon.

Campbell D


My breast lift and tummy tuck are great thanks to doctor McNemar. I appreciate his work I am very happy. I needed a minor revision and he fixed it with no problem. You and your staff are amazing Angie is the best too doctor. Happy new year!!!

Lou Shelton


My tummy is flat again! My breast are beautiful again! Thank you doctor for such amazing work. And Angie what can I say … She is amazing! A great team that I would highly recommend to anyone and everyone.

Anna Waters


The doctor is great, always made me feel comfortable and answers all my question. Surgery went great better than I expected. Overall my experiences are good and his staff are always welcoming and assist and answer question for me as well as make me feel comfortable.

Taliah J


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