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Cellulite. Most women have it, but no woman wants it. In fact, studies show that up to 98% of women have some degree of cellulite. The dimpled, cottage cheese-like texture of cellulite can make you self-conscious and uncomfortable, especially in shorts or a bathing suit. Diet and exercise can produce only limited results. Dr. Thomas McNemar offers an effective FDA-cleared solution called SmoothShapes™. This advanced cellulite treatment helps patients coming from the San Francisco Bay Area, Pleasanton and Livermore achieve a dramatic improvement in the appearance of treated areas.

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The Causes of Cellulite

Have you ever noticed that very trim, athletic women often have cellulite, while even the most obese men do not? That is because women’s connective tissue, which is a fibrous network in the hypodermis, is different from men’s. Male connective tissue suppresses the subcutaneous fat layer, preventing it from bulging through. Female connective tissue’s more open pattern allows for engorged fat cells to extrude into the dermis, creating the visible bumps we call cellulite.

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How SmoothShapes Works

No other cellulite treatment takes the unique, scientific approach to cellulite that SmoothShapes does. SmoothShapes utilizes a proprietary technology called Photomology to treat the causes of cellulite: rigid connective tissue and engorged fat cells. Photomology uses specific laser and light wavelengths, combined with roller massage and vacuum to selectively treat the causes and the symptoms of cellulite.

The vacuum component of this treatment is used to prepare the skin for optimal laser and light penetration. The SmoothShapes laser penetrates into tissue and is absorbed by fat cells, which causes fat liquefaction. The 650 nm light makes the membrane of the fat cells more permeable, allowing the liquefied fat to escape into the lymphatic system. The contoured rollers of the SmoothShapes device assist in the elimination of this liquefied fat.

The result is more supple, flexible connective tissue and shrunken fat cells. Patients report smoother, tighter skin and can achieve a dramatic reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

What to Expect

SmoothShapes treatment typically requires 8 sessions, performed over 4 weeks, to produce optimal results. Additionally, an annual maintenance session is recommended. Patients report longer-lasting results than with other cellulite treatments, and there is none of the post-procedural pain and bruising as with other treatments. Furthermore, 81% of clinical study participants experienced a significant reduction in the volume of subcutaneous fat.

SmoothShapes is one of the most innovative cellulite treatments available. Dr. Thomas McNemar is among the small number of medical practitioners currently offering this state-of-the-art procedure. In addition, Dr. McNemar can provide a more complete enhancement with a complementary plastic surgery procedure, such as breast lift.

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