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McNemar Cosmetic Surgery Thomas B. McNemar, MD, FACS

Real Patient Stories

It's not surprising that plastic surgery can change lives, but it is inspiring to hear real stories from actual patients. Dr. McNemar shares a few of them here from the many satisfied patients who have visited him from Walnut Creek, Concord, and other Bay Area cities, as well as towns in northern San Joaquin Valley.

200 Pounds Later: Cindy's New Look

200 Pounds Later: Cindy's New LookHer battle with her weight is a story that will sound familiar to many. Though she ended up 200 pounds overweight by the time she was 50 years old, there's no one single factor she can identify to explain how she became so heavy.

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Changing Amie

Changing AmieAmie's gastric bypass surgery was a complete success. She adjusted well, changed her eating patterns, and lost almost half her weight in about a year. Even before all the weight was gone though, Amie had areas of her body that, as she puts it, "needed improvement." After reaching her weight loss goal, the condition was worse. "I had loose skin everywhere," she says.

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Debbie Takes on the World Again

Debbie Takes on the World Again"I wanted to have everything done at once!" Dr. McNemar was much more cautious. He said, "I can do two things at a time, what's most important to you?" No question about it, Debbie wanted breast surgery. "There was really nothing left," she says. "I literally had to pull them up and put them into a bra, but I was just pulling up skin." She opted for a breast lift and augmentation with saline implants. At the same time, Debbie chose to have a tummy tuck.

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"Looking Forward to Going Forward"

Sandy's heritage is Basque, and she says people of Basque nationality tend to carry weight in their butt and legs. But because her hormones were so affected by cancer treatment, Sandy says her prom queen waist thickened for the first time ever. "Extra fat landed there, and I had the rolls from hell." She got tired of seeing this strange shape in the mirror, and a few months ago she finally decided to see what could be done.

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