Danville Area Breast Enlargement Still Going Strong This Fall

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In San Ramon and Danville, breast enlargement spikes in popularity around the summer months, usually fading in the fall. A Bay Area plastic surgeon explains why, this year, breast enhancement is having enduring popularity.

San Ramon, California (October 2009) – During the summer months, Bay Area plastic surgeons see a spike in the number of women turning to cosmetic surgery for more beautiful breasts, a spike that usually fades as the weather grows cooler. But, says board-certified Danville area plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas McNemar, this year seems to be different.

“During the summer, women go to the pool or start planning vacations, and suddenly they begin to notice their body shape more and think seriously about making a change,” explains Dr. McNemar. “It’s a time when many women consider breast enhancement and body contouring procedures. When the season changes and they stop wearing such revealing clothing, the popularity tends to drop off.”

Danville area breast enhancement surgery interests many women who want to increase their breast size, improve the balance of their figure, and restore or enhance their breast volume. Although many women pursue plastic surgery to look better in a bikini, there’s a much more important reason to make the choice – a reason that transcends any season.

“I tell my patients that plastic surgery should be something you do for yourself, not for other people,” Dr. McNemar notes. “It’s about self-confidence. So, even if no one will be seeing you in a bathing suit anytime soon, it’s more important that you feel good about what you see when you look in the mirror. The continued popularity of these procedures tells me that women are choosing plastic surgery for the right reason – to look and feel their very best, not to impress friends or neighbors.”

Another trend this fall is patients seeking combined procedures for a “total makeover.” Combined surgeries cut down on operating room costs while requiring less total recovery time and delivering much faster results than separate procedures would. While combining procedures like tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) and liposuction generally creates more scarring, Dr. McNemar says that a skilled surgeon will know how to minimize the appearance of scars.

“A surgeon with a focus on minimally-invasive techniques and enough experience in procedures like abdominoplasty can hide the incision sites well. For instance, a tummy tuck scar can be positioned below the bikini line, and given time, scars from breast surgery usually disappear almost entirely,” he explains. “It’s a benefit of having surgery in the fall, giving the scar time to become less visible.” Dr. McNemar notes that, while some cosmetic surgeons claim to offer minimally-invasive techniques, patients need to be cautious in their surgical choices and pay special attention to their surgeons’ credentials and training.

“The techniques a doctor uses to perform Danville area breast enlargement or tummy tuck can differ dramatically,” he says. “When a surgeon can help you make wise decisions about the incision location and implant size and placement, the results will work well with your body, and in many cases recovery is faster and easier.”

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