Danville Area Breast Enlargement Surgeon Cautions on Fat Grafting Techniques

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Recent news stories have discussed fat grafting as an alternative to breast enlargement using implants, but one local surgeon encourages women to examine their options carefully for safe and reliable results.

San Ramon, California (December 2009) – Although a number of recent news stories have touted the potential benefits of fat grafting for breast augmentation, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas McNemar urges San Ramon and Danville breast enlargement patients who seek out this approach to body contouring to be cautious.

“With any new technique, patients sometimes get attracted by all the press coverage and start to assume that the newness of the procedure itself somehow guarantees safe, attractive results. But that’s just not how plastic surgery works,” explains Dr. McNemar. “Women need to be on guard not to sacrifice their results just to take advantage of a new technique.”

Fat grafting or “autologous fat transfer” has gained attention as an “alternative” to breast augmentation for Danville / San Ramon area women who have read about the results of a small number of surgeons who are enlarging breasts using the fat removed during liposuction. However, while researchers have managed to minimize some of the complications associated with fat transfer, Dr. McNemar warns women against seeking out these experimental techniques just yet.

“Fat transfer seems like a great idea at first glance, and in 20 or 30 years it might be the norm for very small-scale augmentation, but at the moment you still have a tendency for the transplanted fat to die off, calcify or just to reabsorb into the body,” he explains. “With Danville area breast enhancement using saline or silicone gel implants, you don’t have those problems because we’ve had decades to develop safer and reliable techniques.”

Dr. McNemar is no stranger to cutting-edge approaches and strongly advocates choosing a surgeon who stays current on the latest research. At the same time, however, he says patients need to recognize the difference between surgeons who opt for advanced, proven approaches and those who are offering techniques that may lack a reliable track record.

“My breast augmentation patients cover the full spectrum from twenty-somethings to post weight loss breast enhancement patients, and it’s my responsibility to know the latest techniques that will meet their very different needs,” adds Dr. McNemar. “No matter the cosmetic concern, I only recommend treatments if I can say confidently that they are proven to be safe. In my opinion, breast augmentation using fat grafting, even with advancements in recent years, is not delivering consistent results that I expect for my patients, but I will continue to monitor the studies and publications closely.”

If you are considering a Tracy, San Ramon or Danville area breast enlargement procedure, you should choose a surgeon you can trust. Dr. McNemar literally “wrote the book” on breast augmentation and body contouring, and he would be happy to discuss your goals with you. Request a Consultation with Dr. McNemar today and receive a complimentary excerpt from his book, Breast Augmentation & Body Contouring. Or call his office today at (209) 834-0626.

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