Even in Tight Economy, Walnut Creek Face lift Procedures Remain Popular

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Bay Area professionals look to facial reconstruction for an edge up in the business world, and Walnut Creek face lift surgeons are seeing growing interest in facial rejuvenation among busy professionals who believe these procedures keep them viable in an increasingly competitive workforce.

Walnut Creek, California (January 2009) – In today’s competitive market, an increased number of professionals are turning to facial cosmetic surgery as a means to improve their chances of moving up the corporate ladder. Dr. Thomas McNemar, a board-certified plastic surgeon focusing on facial rejuvenation and post-weight-loss surgery in the Bay Area, cites Walnut Creek face lift and facial rejuvenation procedures as among the most popular procedures he performs.

“In the corporate world, there is a certain emphasis on personal presentation, and the way you present yourself reflects the kind of self-confidence you bring to your job,” says Dr. McNemar. “Many of my Bay Area, San Ramon, and Walnut Creek face lift patients are successful professionals looking to advance their careers and, for most, a youthful appearance is one component they believe will help them reach their career goals.”

A recent survey conducted by the career and jobs site Monster.com found that 53 percent of respondents believe that having plastic surgery or cosmetic dental work will help advance their career. As we get older our faces inevitably begin to wrinkle and sag, and for business professionals who often work around the clock, these effects tend to develop sooner and appear more pronounced. As early as their mid-30s, increasing numbers of professionals are choosing face lift surgery to restore their facial contour and improve the appearance of their cheeks.

As Dr. McNemar explains, the tissues in these areas are more delicate and tend to show more significant “wear and tear” as a result of stress and insufficient sleep, so they are also the areas that most patients want to correct through procedures like face lift, which creates a smoother look by restoring facial tissues to a more youthful position.

Walnut Creek face lift and facial rejuvenation procedures are not right for everyone,” notes Dr. McNemar. “Plastic surgery requires a clear focus and careful thought on the part of the patient. But in many cases, people will benefit in many aspects of their lives from looking and feeling 10 years younger. This tends to create a more positive outlook that generates greater confidence, especially in the workplace.”

These effects are highly individual and therefore difficult to predict, so Dr. McNemar cautions cosmetic surgery candidates to avoid surgeons who “guarantee” that a new look will directly impact their job. “For many patients, cosmetic surgery can enhance significantly how energetic and attractive a person feels, but this effect depends to a great extent on the patient’s level of commitment,” he notes. “A high-quality surgery and thoroughly experienced surgeon, obviously, are essential to a successful procedure, but in the end the patients who see the biggest personal changes are the ones who have healthy expectations and understand their procedure. This is true for any cosmetic enhancement procedure, whatever your reasons.”

Dr. Thomas McNemar performs a full range of enhancement procedures such as breast augmentation and face lift for Walnut Creek, San Ramon, and Tracy, California patients. Contact his office at (209) 834-0626 or Request a Consultation online to learn more.

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