Surgeon Announces New Web Site for Post Weight Loss Surgery in San Francisco

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Oakland area post bariatric plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas McNemar has recently launched a site created to address the specific concerns of Bay Area patients before and after massive weight loss. The site offers information on post bariatric cosmetic surgery procedures, as well as resources to help patients who are still in the process of achieving their weight loss goals.

San Francisco, California (January 2009) – A new Web site from McNemar Cosmetic Surgery ( is making it easier for post bariatric patients to learn about their plastic surgery options. Dr. Thomas McNemar is a board-certified plastic surgeon who believes in helping women and men express their inner beauty by correcting the loose, sagging skin that is an unfortunate aftereffect of significant weight loss.

Even before the launch of his new site, Dr. McNemar co-authored two texts detailing the ins and outs of post bariatric surgery and body contouring. Dr. McNemar hopes launching his San Francisco and Walnut Creek weight loss surgery site will help his post bariatric patients understand more about their options to maximize their new lifestyle with a healthier and more attractive look.

“After undergoing weight loss surgery in San Francisco and Walnut Creek, many patients become frustrated. Despite all the hard work dedicated to fitness and healthy eating, loose skin and residual fat still remain,” notes Dr. McNemar. “I want them to enjoy the highest quality of results, and for that they need to have access to information that will help them understand their goals as well as their surgical options. The decision to have post bariatric plastic surgery could be one of the most important decisions they make in their lifetime. Significant decisions like this require a considerable amount of mental preparation and knowledge. The more information I can offer, the better.”

One of the most popular features of Dr. McNemar’s new site is the weight loss support section. Dr. McNemar explains that, because he aims to provide long-term improvement, achieving massive weight loss and a healthier look should be a team effort from the very beginning. This section of his site aims to help patients who are in the process of partnering with their family doctor, nutritional counselors, and other clinicians to build a team the patient can count on for ongoing support. Dr. McNemar works closely with San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland bariatric surgeons to understand his patients’ goals from an early stage in the weight loss process.

“I don’t think of myself as simply a plastic surgeon,” continues Dr. McNemar. “Rather, I’m another teammate playing an integral role in the final stages of a person’s weight loss journey. Sagging, loose skin and tissue can be disheartening for people who have already accomplished so much to attain a healthier perspective and lifestyle, which is where I come in. I work closely with weight loss surgeons and specialists to ensure that the last steps to achieving a person’s weight loss goals are as smooth as possible.”

Dr. McNemar’s new site also offers comprehensive information about a wide variety of plastic surgery procedures for the face, breasts and body. Web visitors can easily find information on obesity support groups, request a consultation at McNemar Cosmetic Surgery via email, learn more about weight loss options, and read testimonials from patients who have already undergone post bariatric procedures.

Dr. Thomas McNemar performs a full spectrum of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures with a specific emphasis on advanced options for post weight loss cosmetic surgery near Walnut Creek and San Francisco. Contact his office at (209) 834-0626 or Request a Consultation online to learn more.

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