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Dr. Thomas McNemar, founder of McNemar Cosmetic Surgery, recently contributed an article about liposuction and bariatric surgery to ObesityHelp Magazine. In the article, he discusses the benefits he’s seen when combining liposuction with weight loss surgery.

San Ramon, California (November 2010) – Walnut Creek area plastic surgery specialist Dr. Thomas B. McNemar has recently authored an article about liposuction and bariatric surgery for ObesityHelp Magazine. The article discusses the advantages of liposuction when performed in conjunction with weight loss surgery, and how the two types of procedures can work together to deliver satisfying results.

“Liposuction was introduced to the United States in the 1970s and has since become one of the most popular and commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedures nationwide,” states Dr. McNemar. “While liposuction is helpful for the removal of unwanted fat, it is common for bariatric surgery patients to need a procedure that will also tighten loose, lax skin. By combining removal of residual fat and loose skin following weight loss, my patients are achieving excellent results.”

Post bariatric plastic surgery in Walnut Creek performed by Dr. McNemar is a popular option for patients who have lost a significant amount of weight yet still experience loose skin that detracts from their weight loss achievements. With procedures such as tummy tucks, body lifts, breast reductions, and facelifts, virtually any part of the body can be contoured and reshaped. Combining liposuction with these procedures can also be helpful to further enhance the results.

“Post bariatric surgery is helpful for fine-tuning the body after losing a significant amount of weight, and liposuction can play a key part in enhancing post bariatric procedures,” notes Dr. McNemar. “I use this cosmetic surgery technique to remove those stubborn deposits of fat that remain resistant to diet and exercise.”

In addition to the weight loss procedures he performs, Dr. McNemar offers his patients near Walnut Creek breast augmentation, breast lift surgery, facial sculpting procedures and med spa services. Patients wanting a complete rejuvenation can turn to Dr. McNemar.

“I hope the ObestityHelp article is informative and helpful for people who are just starting to plan their weight loss journey as well as those who’ve already lost the weight and are now looking for a solution to ‘fine tune’ their body shape and truly reveal their achievement,” adds Dr. McNemar.

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